Saturday, December 31, 2005

Waiting for the New Year

(First, does anyone know how to get back to a normal format? I hat that it is now so wide, so hard to read. What did In accidentally do? Help!)

I have always thought that it is somehow wrong to wish time away. We are only given so much time on earth and to waste it wishing it were gone is at least a venial sin. But I cannot wait for this day to be over, gone, done, finished, because then 2005 will be over, never to return again.

I know I will still have to deal with the problems and repercussions of 2005 as  we move into 2006, but I can do that. (After all, I am Warrior Woman.) But this year has been worse than 2004, which was worse than 2003, the year I fell and my life spun off in to medical hell.

I have some hope for 2006. My house is clean and clutter free (or will be very soon), I am still losing weight, even as I add a variety of food to my diet . I miss all the good parts of my relationship with Rene terribly. But she  has only to get her stuff out of the basement, and she will be gone, and settled in her own home. (a good thing for her). And now I am free to dream into being the life I need to live. A renewed life of the Spirit. A Life centered around the feminine side of the godhead. A group of women who are also seeking Spirit My own space to become whatever is next.

These are not New Year's resolutions, just what I hope to find to fill my life again, to give me courage to go on with the medical stuff, and confront my inner demons a little at a time. And maybe, in time, find joy again.

I wish you all a Happy New Year, and am reminded of an old friend who always gave up his New Year's Resolutions for Lent,  by which time they were way too burdensome to carry out!

Blessings, Margo


dklars said...

I wish you nothing but blessings in 2006!

lavernwest said...

Dear Margo:
Sure hope you can get your line problem remedied--very difficult to read.  If my tech whiz were home, I would have him send you instructions.  Hope some computer genius has a solution for you.
I have only been reading your journal for about a year--but you seem to have come a long way.  Keep up the good work--and wishing you the best for 2006!

moonpie337 said...

May all the Joy of 06 be yours!  Love, Stevie.

blondepennierae said...

Margo, when the same thing happened to me I was told that I had a picture or a gif that was too large and it expanded everything.  I went back and erased the picture and everything fell into its proper place.  I know next to nothing about computers any more, but it worked for me.  A divorce of emotions is not an easy task, but you will grow stronger and stronger (and thiner and thiner) as 2006 matures.  I had a New Year much like you just described and once it was behind me things started falling into place and joy slowly started filling my soul again.

May 2006 be a stronger, more positive year for you my friend.  Love, Pennie

dbaumgartner said...

2006 will be the year of Margo.  A year of self-discovery and  the re-emergence of the warrior woman within you.  It will be a year of growth.

Here's to a great year and I hope to share it with you.

Hugs my friend,


makemarc said...

That happened to me once, and then the problem disappeared. Tres odd, but rest assured, it's not your fault.


jouell3935 said...

Go to your settings and switch to three columns see what happens then switch back. Usually it does that do to an oversized pic or an extra long link....

Happy New Year Margo...I know the coming weeks will hold challenges, yet as an abstract view of the New Year...Keep it in mind as a new beginning...moving forward!

I have been around, just life warped me forward and around....I think it has settled a bit, lol....

Here is to brighter spots along the path, warmer spots in our soul and to friends...Blessings

hestiahomeschool said...

I just want to tell you how special you are to me. You have been such a strong support this past year. You mean a lot to me and the Rat Queen.