Monday, August 30, 2004

Sunday's Outing into Quilt Land



Well, I had a good day out with Peg on Sunday, thanks to good weather and good management of pain meds-always necessary for any good day!  We found April the quilter to be friendly and interesting and owner of the biggest quilting machine I have ever seen.


 Now, until Peg moved to CT, I was not privy to the Wonderful World of Quilting. I didn’t know there are quilt shops full of incredible material just waiting to jump out and grab any quilter passing by.  I didn’t know there are quilting clubs and quilting guilds and hundreds upon hundreds of pattern books and tons of techniques and weeklong workshops and whole realms if info on line and - OMG- $14,000 quilting machines as big as a room! Who knew?


I cannot sew a stitch right now if I wanted- my right hand is in a carpal tunnel brace, still recovering from nerve damage. Truth is, however, I never have sewn much more than a stitch or two in my whole life. I could blame it on my mother, who does not sew because she only has one arm, but in reality I just don’t like to sew and refused to learn.  Now, I am almost (almost) sorry.


We spread the quilt Peg made for me across April’s dining room table, and I was blown away. It is amazing. Each square looks like a window with a wide frame, and in the middle of each window is four small squares, all blues and purples, and roses and pinks and yellows; the colors dance across the quilt like sunbeams across the floor.. mixing and changing and staying the same all at once.


We chose a pattern of flowers and vines for April to quilt across the window panes, then Peg and April went into off into Quilters’ language about batting and thread types and differences between sewing machines and paper piecing and rag quilts and much, much more.  I let it flow over me as if was in a foreign land.


Before we left, April showed us her quilting machine. It is bigger than my living room, and can be used from either side, and I would describe it if I had the vocabulary and the understanding of how it works. All I know, is Peg left trying to figure out how to add a big enough room onto her little house, and I was contemplating taking up hand quilting- both fantasies!


The quilt will be done in about 6 weeks, and I cannot wait!


Blessings, Margo


PS April's machine had two arms and was bigger!

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momdadat447 said...

What a wonderful day you had :) I can't wait to see the quilt be sure as soon as it is done to take pics and more pics please. Glad your day in going good Margo!!!! (((((HUGSTO YOU)))) ~~Angela~~

jeanno43 said...

That certainly is some machine. I think this quilt is going to be absolutely wonderful.  Looking forward to pictures.

kathleenggoode said...

I cannot wait to see that quilt.  Have you been reading those camera instructions? LOL!

jadzia7667 said...


barnesprtlnd said...

you do have a disease that is now fully recognized by the AMA. it is Fybromyalgia.
Like you I have been through the ringer with ridicule, "it's in your head", well you know the routine,as do most of us with this insidious disease. I have struggled with it for 35 years, and have finally found Drs. willing to give it a name. I am currently working on getting Disability from Social Security. no small challenge either. Motrin is my only pain reliever, as well as bedrest and swimming. I hope you research a physician who can finally diagnose this for you. Good luck, we're finally being validated. Not that this relieves the suffering. Can anyone out there give me any advise on getting the Disability I desperatly need?
Good luck Margo, the quilt is beautiful, just don't overdue sitting in one place too long.