Sunday, August 1, 2004

Catching Up

Some catch-up items. Kevin, Rene's brother, is doing well. He is sending us e-mails on heart disease and stents, and seems to be recovering nicely. Rene did call her other brother, Dick, and suggest he schedule a stress test, and it turns out he already has a doctor's appointment scheduled next week! Rene passed her wstress test about 6 months ago, thank Goddess.

I got excused form jury duty, not because I am on heavy meds, but because they settled the case out of court. I feel as if I managed to do my civic duty without having to do my civic duty-nice trick if you can manage it!

I will continue the Saga of the Fall as time goes on, but I am a slow writer, and it still feels painful to get it down on paper. I never quite realized how traumatized I have been by the last year until Kevin's hospitalization. I've had a series of flashback type dreams ever since my hospitalization last summer, and it has gotten worse since Kevin has been in the hospital, I know my psyche works at its own speed and in its own way, and I am working on it in my own way-slowly!

My daughter Meg took off for the Poconos of PA for what will eventually be a full fledged family reunion by next weekend. My parents have a summer place there My brother Luke and his wife Mary are there from CO, we leave Thursday along with Meg's partner, Amy, and my sister Catherine flies in from Grand Rapids, MI the same day. Luke's and Catherine's sons, Eric and Brian and Andrew and Luke, all have summer jobs that keep them away this summer.

We rarely gather as a family because we do not all get along well under pressure, and a family reunion is always a high pressure situation! We do, however, care for each other, so it will no doubt all work out. Especially since Rene and I will be staying in a motel! LOL.We plan to use it for a get away for not just us, but anyone who needs some time away from the damp, the mildew or the close quarters.

Rene will bring her laptop, but it is hard to get on line there, so I'll be unable to keep up on what's going on  in this amazing place called J-Land, and I am sure I'll struggle with withdrawal symptoms.

Blessings, Margo

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bosoxblue6993w said...

An amazing and comorting journal.  Your amily sounds alot like mine.  Keep up the good work!