Monday, August 16, 2004

Happy B-Day, Rene!

Fireworks WallpaperToday is Rene's 65th Birthday!  She is very proud of herself. She says her life is the only thing she has showed up for everyday, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, without fail, for 65 years; she has earned her pride.

She is also only 9 in reverse dog years. You can't imagine how much trouble it is to hang out with a mischevious 9 year old who has the money of a 65 year old! She has been known to buy herself yet another computer "because I want one." She has 2 bobblehead chihuahuas on the dashboard of her car, so that if she asks,"shall I be good and go home for lunch, or stop at MacD's for a whopper, both dogs nod yes, thereby out voting her so she always stops for junk food.

She also started out her day by setting off fireworks at 11:30 am, to celebrate. More fireworks will follow tonight for her and the neighborhood kids. She has a special bond with these kids, most of whom have known her their whole lives.They all think she is agreeably crazy. And she is! She flirts with every child she passes in the grocery store or restaurant. She brought CT quarters to England last year, handing them  out to children(and adults), with an eplaination of the Charter Oak on the back.

She works hard to enjoy the childhood she missed as a child, and I am lucky enough to be the person she has picked to go along for the ride!

So, Rene,

Happy Birthday! And Many More!

Blessings, Margo

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jadzia7667 said...

Happy Birthday Rene :)