Monday, July 11, 2005

Margo's Surgery

Hi Everyone,

This is Rene (Margo's life partner) writing for Margo, she asked me to update you on her surgery.

She came through it WONDERFULLY.  The procedure started around 9:30 am and the doctor spoke with me at 12:30 pm.  Everything went exactly as planned.

About the only problem that they had was a very long delay in getting her up to her room.  So they kept her in recovery until about 5:30 pm..  I saw her at 5:45 and she was awake, alert, (as alert as you can be after surgery) and in good spririts.

She is in a step down unit, which means that she is in a room that is not as serious as ICU but they want to watch her more closly than if she was in a regular room. If all goes well she will be placed in a regular room some time tomorrow, when they are sure that her O2 levels, sugar level and all else is going well.  She may be home as early as Thursday. But that is if everything is at its best.

Margo asked me to thank all of you for your positive energy, prayers, and thoughts that you have sent her way.  Needless to say we both appreaciate them very much.

Be assured that as soon as she gets home she will fill you in on all the details. Until then I will do my best to keep you all informed.




ksquester said...

HORAY!  I AM THRILLED........tell her we are all sending good thoughts and energy her way......Anne from Kansas

derasta said...

Thanks so much for the updates...I'll continue to pray for her

kissofvanity said...

Thank you, Rene, for the update.  Please tell her hello from the blue Victorian.  :)


thebaabee said...

Please  give Margo my love and tell her that she is still in my prayers.  I am so happy that she came through the surgery wonderfully.  Hugs LuAnne

indigosunmoon said...

Tell Margo she is in my thoughts and
send her my love will ya?
Big hugs to you both!

hope5555 said...

Thank you for the update! I'm so glad that it went well. Give Margo my best.

-Laura from "Am I There Yet"

dbaumgartner said...

Thanks for the update, Rene.  I knew Margo would do great!  With her spirit and you by her side it was destined to be a success.

Hugs to both of you and may the road to recovery be smooth


judithheartsong said...

Hi Rene....... thank you for updating us. Please send her our love and consider yourself hugged as well. Lots of love to you Dear women. judi

gaboatman said...

I came here through Judi's journal.  I have scrolled down and read your past half dozen entries or so to find out what the surgery was for.  Now that I know, I wish you all the best with your recovery.  You are so brave to have undertaken this.  I have rooted for Connie from the first I heard of her plans.  I now root for you, too, Margo.  I will add you to my prayers for a speedy recovery.

oblivionabyss said...

YAY! Tell Margo she's in my prayers and thoughts. I'm glad she made it through with seeming ease and hope just as much for a quick and ease-filled recovery.


mutualaide said...

Hi Margo.  Found you through Judi's journal and stopped by to read up on you and wish you well in your recovery.  Good luck and when you're feeling low, try to focus on the 'good' of the surgery!  Kathy

blondepennierae said...

Rene, thank you so much for giving us an update.  Give Margo a hug from me and tell her she is still in my prayers.  Pennie

sassydee50 said...

Hi Rene and Margo~I just "met" you (from Judith's Journal link)~Sending more good energy as you sure can't have too much! Fondly, Deb

ryanagi said...

Thanks Rene! Why am I getting tearful? I guess I am really happy everything went ok for you! And I am a tad jealous. :-) Feel better soon Margo!!!

cneinhorn said...

I'm here via Judi's journal to wish Margo well and a speedy recovery...