Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's me again

It's me again I had hoped that by now that Margo would be home and be making this entry.  But... sad to say you have to settle for me (maybe for another couple of days).  As I told you before the surgery went well, actually textbook case.  However Margo's there was one compulation with the drain in her side.  It seems that when she was moved for a test that the drain inside moved and was causing a lot of pain, and the staff did not pay attention to it at first.  At was only after she called me at home and asked me to call the doctor in New Haven at his office that the gave the pain the attention that was needed.  The end result was that she received the pain meds that were needed. Then they removed the drain and the pain level dropped.

She is still in a lot of pain, which the staff doesn't seem to want to address -- they, I am sure are not use to Margo's unique situation of being on a lot of pain meds for the pain from her arm and shoulder as well as all of the compulations that have resulted from her fall in the summer 2 years ago...  Of course all of this has stress and in turn a difficulty in her breathing which becomes labored at times.   

The good news is that they have been able to manage the "upset stomach" and she has been able to keep the 2 oz, an hour up.   In any case she will not be home until at least Friday, and that I think will be subject to day by day results.

Please keep her in your prayers and thoughts and continue to send her energy and strenth.



bosoxblue6993w said...

tell her to 'hang tough'.    our best wishes are with her

ksquester said...

You got it!  Anne

kissofvanity said...

Thanx for the update, Rene.  She's been in my thoughts.  :)


ryanagi said...

Poor Margo! I hope they get her pain under control soon. Poor pain management is just unacceptable.

blondepennierae said...

Poor pain management will delay her healing and is totally unacceptale.  She is in my thoughts continuously.  Pennie

indigosunmoon said...

Well this is just terrible!  I hope they get off their asses and get
her pain level down!  They should know by looking at her home
meds that she takes a lot of pain medication at home!  Sheesh!
Tell her that I'm thinking about her!
And Rene...bless your heart...your such a devoted spouse.
Love you too!

hope5555 said...

I'll definitely keep her in my thoughts and prayers.  I hope things get better for her FAST!