Tuesday, August 30, 2005

PICC Line Setback

I am once again home from the hospital-this time the local one. Early Sunday morning I rolled over in bed and pulled my PICC line out. For those who don't know, it's an IV line that goes into your arm and threads its way up and around and into your upper heart somewhere, that you can use for IV feeding(TPN) or antibiotics. I use it for the former.

I woke up with Roxy, my Chihuahua, at my side happily lapping something, thrilled because the bed had never offered such ambrosia before. It was my liquid  "food" pouring out. I panicked a bit when I realized the PICC  line was out of my arm, then called the company providing the TPN, and the sleepy nurse said it might have broken off inside, I probably should go to the ER. So we did, arriving at 6:00 AM.

A very long eventually later, the ER doc was sure he felt it in my arm, not listening to me when I told him that he was feeling scar tissue, and admitted me, around 2:00 PM. I was scheduled for a removal and insertion the Monday morning. They came for me at 1:45PM, took me to radiology and told me that if we had measured the PICC line that came out, we could have known if any was left inside!

The X-rays taken the day before showed nothing, but a radiologist had not gotten around to reading it yet. We called Rene at home, she measured the length of the line that came out, and it became clear that it had all come out, andnobody-especially me- would have had  to do all the worrying about free floating pieces of plastic tube floating around in my arm or heart! Such stupidity, not on my part(how was I to know) but on the part of the nurse and ER doc.

I'm home now with a new PICC line, hoping I can have a few quiet days before the next shoe hits me in the head.

Blessings, Margo


lrttklly said...

OMG, Margo!
That can be so scary.
How upsetting about your dog licking you, but then again... he woke you up.
This roller coaster part of healing is very, very:
This is the hard part, Margo... and you are getting through this.
Remember the Warrior Woman and please know that I do pray for you daily.
Please accept my apologies for not having visited regularly over the past few weeks. I feel bad for that and I am trying to keep up with how you are progressing.
(((((GENTLE HUGS)))))
With Love,

christapaz said...

Well, you will be well trained in all things medical by the time you are fit and trim! You can get a job as a beautiful model who plays a doctor on TV. Just think of the fame and fortune! In the meantime, you are in my prayers. love, christa

ryanagi said...

Owie...my chest hurts just thinking about the possibilities! Yikes! Glad you got it sorted out, but I'm sad that you have to go through these complications. Hope things start getting better soon!

bosoxblue6993w said...

if were you, Margo, i'd keep an eye on that dog.    once they develop a taste for human blood ...  trouble may ensue.    if his eyes light up ... RUN

indigosunmoon said...

Gracious Margo!  You have some awful
luck girl!  So sorry your having to deal
with all this shit!
Love you,

thebaabee said...

You have been through so much.  I wait for the day that you post all is well.  I pray for it.  Love bunches LuAnne

jouell3935 said...

Oh Margo...Your spirit through it all astounds me...and your strength building, the day will come when you feel in better spirits..for now leave it to us to brighten your day!!

chasingmoksha said...

How awful.  The first question out of their mouths should have been where is the tube or how long was the tube.  I am glad you have a new one now.