Friday, October 1, 2004


If all has gone well, you see a picture of the new love of my life, Roxy. This is the first of my own pictures I’ve posted! Roxy is 3 pounds of pure love and wiggle, and her goddess is… me! It is a rather humbling experience, actually, even when she is barking at the wind in the middle of the night, waking me out of much needed sleep . Like many Chihuahuas, she sleeps under the covers, curled tightly against me, readily moving whenever I roll over. I don’t stay on my side long-the pain wakes me up-and when I roll back onto my back, she moves agilely and patiently back to her previous spot. She has no complaints.

When Rene told me we were about to acquire our first Chihuahua, Miya, I said, “Oh, no.  Two very large lesbians cannot own such a silly dog!”  Within two days, that dratted dog had wormed her way into our hearts and lives as if she was born to be there. Maybe she was. Miya is now 15, and I cannot imagine ever again living without a Chi! I think this is every Chi owners experience, while all our friends scratch their heads and wonder why we love a barky, possessive, addle brained rat-dog, whose temperament ranges from hyper to more hyper to complete stop.


They just don’t see the Chi in the same light as an owner. Our Chi’s bark a lot because they are vicious watchdogs who make strong men step back from the door. They make terrible guard dogs, however; they ignore any visitor’s entry if we are not home. Friends see a hyper dog that runs around while they are here. We see them sleep the rest of the day. Friends worry they are cold because they shiver all the time. We know they shiver when they are cold, hot, excited, interested, surprised, or just engaged in life. Friends laugh at their antics. We roar.


Not everyone who owns a Chihuahua owns up to owning one! We had an attorney friend once who said no self respecting gay man would own Chihuahua. He told people his long haired Chi was really a very rare Hawaiian terrier called a “Ch-Hua-Hua.” When people asked how they could get one, he told them you had to know a secret breeder in Hawaii. Some even asked if he had a phone number for one!


I think Chihuahuas were put on earth to make us smile. Tia, our elderly, handicapped, rescued Chihuahua oversaw the first half of my recovery. When I was pretty much confined to my recliner for several months, she wanted nothing more than to lie in my lap all day long, followed by lying there all night as well. At times, in the middle of a long night, she was a true lifesaver, just happy to be there in my lap, no matter what I was feeling. Putting her down was a terrible decision to have had to make, though the right one, and I still cry when I think about her.


Roxy, although very different, has come to take her place. She is so tiny she makes seven pound Miya look big. She has the energy of a gazelle. She is a great licker of fingers and faces, and she actually fetches stuffed animals twice her size, but only when she has a mind to. As I write in my Journal, or read others, she crawls under my shirt and curls up for a nap. She is there now, wishing I would not move my hands so much.


Yesterday, I took her out side and across the street to an empty lot where she can run free. And run she did, like the wild thing she is, back and forth, across and around, up and down almost lost in the taller grass, dashing after a late butterfly, exalting in the glory of an autumn day. As I sat and watched her, I realized that, while I am no longer able to run, I too can exalt in the same glory of the day, and eventually the two of us made our way home, tired but happy.


She is my Blessing, Margo


ksquester said...

Margo, I am so glad you got this little sweet dog. Dogs are my passion. My dog Luke can make me feel good even if I have had the worst day in the world. Aren't they just so comforting? Who could not like animals? I think you will feel a lot better with her in your lives. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}  Anne

jeanno43 said...

Beautiful picture of an adorable little bundle. I know how much joy your dogs must bring you.  We would be lost without our two boys, Border Collies.  They are funny, intelligent, loyal etc. etc. I have been with dogs since I was born and cannot imagine life without one.  The photo came out really well. You must post more.  Our dogs also know when I get upset and both come rushing to me, one on either side lol.

poetmom1968 said...

Oh my gosh that's the cutest dog!  Enjoy Roxy.  I'm kind of jealous.  I'd love to have a little dog like Roxy to love.  Maybe someday.:)

indigosunmoon said...

She's adorable Margo!  We had a Chi when I was
a young girl.  She lived to be 16 yrs old.  What a
great dog she was!  

ryanagi said...

Rare Hawaiian terrier! LMAO!! Cute pup!  -B

jadzia7667 said...

She is precious, Margo :)  I'm glad you have her.

hope5555 said...

She is absolutely adorable.  I think dogs are here on earth to teach us about unconditional love.

hope5555 said...

She is absolutely adorable.  I think dogs are here on earth to teach us about unconditional love.

momspinklollipop said...

Margo you sound so HAPPY :) I am so glad and this story was great, attack dog huh? ROFL!!!!!! ((((HUGS))))) ~~ANGELA~~

abeator81 said...

Bless her! what a sweet looking thing she is!

ikoiko33 said...

Too cute!!

A friend of mine has a Chi ... he stuffs him in his pocket and takes him into work sometimes ... it is hysterical!!  He's getting another one now.


annalisa135 said...

Who wouldn't love such an adorable face as hers?!  The fact that they are so loving as well as great cuddlers, would be more than enough reason to have one.  

I've been reading back through your latest 10 entries, and I'm very sorry to hear about your chronic pain.  It sounds like it may be a variety of things (I'm only getting little bits and pieces in each entry), like your heart surgery, your carpal tunnel and shoulder pain.  Of course I totally understand how they undermedicate you.  That really ticks me off!  I have low back pain from time to time, where I cannot move (literally).  If I have to get up to go to the bathroom, it is pure torture, and I end up dragging my leg all the way to and from.  It is the most awful pain I've ever experienced (keeping in mind I've experienced childbirth twice).  They never give me the strong stuff, because of fear of addiction.  So instead I get something that does a half assed job and left to suffer.  I understand, and I totally empathize.

I do wish you a belated happy birthday!  I'm sure it must be difficult for you to share it with such a momentous day in history, but the fact that you are 55 and still kicking is definitely worth celebrating!!

This is my first time visiting your journal.  I don't recall you ever leaving me your link, but happily I saw your link in Kasey's journal and Viola!!  Here I am!!  and very glad to be!   Thank you, Margo so very much for all your loving, encouraging, incredible comments in my J.  You've touched me very deeply with the love you've shown me.  Sending you much love and appreciation!!

luckyismle said...

Awww Roxy is adorable! Chi's are my Dad's favorite dog. Growing up we had one and I remember her making a permanent bed every night curled up right under the blanket's with her head resting on the pillow just like a human. Thank for the memory and blessings to you and yours, Darla

realitycheckmco said...

Awwww. she's adorable.. search my earlier entries for a picture of my pom, Max...
He's my little love.. when he's not driving me insane!