Monday, July 26, 2004

Kevin's ok

Just a short note today: Rene's brother Kevin came through his cardiac cath fine, and now has a stent in one artery of his heart, He is astoundingly lucky. He had a one mostly blocked artery complete with blood clot, and , had he continued to ignore his chest pain, we would not be one happy family tonight, After hanging out at the hospital all day, I'm not sure if it is worse to be the patient or the patient's family! Lately I have had much more experience as patient, and at least then you don't have to make polite, light-hearted coversation for hours on end. Also, we basically ate out way through the day, and I feel fat and out of sorts. And exhausted!

Tomorrow, I have jury duty, My idea of a nightmare is to be closed into a courtroom all day, listening to lawyers because my father was an attorney -at -law, a Philadelphia lawyer no less, and every night at dinner he either put us through a cross-examination on our behavior and/or learning at school, or bored us to death with long winded explainations of SEC registration law. I usually wanted to run screaming from the room by the time the veggies were served.

On the other hand, I belirve very strongly in our right to a fair and speedy trial (not that that happens much), and if everone tries to escape as much as I want to, there could be no trials at all. If called, I will of course serve, but oh dear, I will be hard pressed to sit still in my seat. Not to mentoin the fact I'm still on heavy meds.

Such a clash of ideals and reality in an ex-hippie is shocking, of course, but we are complex and confusing beings, aren't we?


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vamuckle2003 said...

hello there!!!

I can't believe all this about Uncle Kev.  Please please please tell him, Aunt Betsy and Jen I say hello and he is most definitely in my thoughts and prayers.  I'm so glad he's ok!!!!!!

~ Valerie

bxn69 said...

Happy about Kevin; hang in, Margo, and best wishes to all of you.  Billy

bernmilo said...

i always wanted to go on a jury, but i have never been picked...i think that would be so fun, although i dont know how i could ever be the judge of someones future...kinda scary i guess.

blondepennierae said...

Margo, what a lucky find your journal is!  I thouroughly enjoyed reading your words and often felt "been there, felt that".  Keep the words flowing.  I want to get beter acquainted.  Penny