Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well, I Guess I'll Survive, Afterall

A few days have gone by, and I have come realize it is not so much  the surgery I  need to worry about as the pain and recovery. I'll write about the pain issues another time. Whether I go to a Rehab place, or come home quickly, I will have to spend a fair amount of time alone, using only my left hand. My right arm will be in a sling, and hurting.
I have to plan ahead for such things as being unable to open my pill bottles, or grind  up my meds or my ice (which I do so they will dissolve quickly because I have such a small stomach now) or open cans or bottles or scramble eggs, or put on a bra, or button my jeans, or change my jewelry ( it may not be expensive, but I love wearing it!) or change the toilet paper roll, or use the cane and rolling walker I need for balance ( when I use my walker left handed, I roll in circles!)
Now this time I am not complaining, or whining and moaning. I am just planning ahead as much as possible, knowing that more issues I haven't thought about will pop up, willynilly. I will ask neighbors to help with many of these issues, although it will be hard to ask. I am way too willing to go things alone. I am already getting suggestion from people, some workable, some not so helpful. I well remember how much hard work Rene put in, and, of course, my mother has one arm(but she lost her left arm!) so I do know what I'm in for. Even my recliner is "right handed" as the handle is on the right and stiff.
Rene's brother Kevin and Jodi (with an i) of Looking Beyond the Cracked Window, have volunteered to drive many miles, so I can see my therapist. And I will request all the help possible from worker comp-like someone to come in daily and help for a while, and rides to and from physical therapy.
I have (at least for the moment) moved from anxiety into planning. I know that anxiety will  creep up to grab me again, but now I am seeing that I can muster energy to plan ahead, so I will not feel as helpless as I did three years ago when the rod was put in.
Perhaps Warrior Woman will, once again, come through for me!
Blessings to you all, Margo


ksquester said...

Margo, I am quite proud of you.   It will be difficult, but compared to what you have already been through, I think you'll be just fine!   Prayers headed your way. Anne

dbaumgartner said...

You are right to plan everything out.  That's what I try to do.  Only you will know the best way to work through this.  If I were there I would make you tea and make you comfy.



lisa41076 said...

Margo, If I lived closer to you I would help you out with groceries, etc, I put you on alerts so I know when you update your journal, Hugs to you Lisa

fjrav said...

Hey Margo!

It's good to know you have people there that you can count on to help you out in your current situation.  That itself is a blessing.  Always realize that you are not alone in this thing called life.

Here is a cool game that may help take your mind off things.  You just list six things that are unique about you.  You've been tagged.

Follow the link for more info.