Sunday, October 9, 2005

Opposite Dragons?

 Addendum to Last Entry(Yes, Go Read It First)  

Of course I know that for every Yin there's a Yang, for every god there's a goddess, for all the darkness there's light and for every Dragon of Misfortune there's a Dragon of Good Fortune.

She, too, is huge, with shimmering, multicolored scales, but these sparkle in lights which glows from inside her and circles around her.   Her coiling and uncoiling and recoiling is a beautiful dance, without an even faintly sinister air, and her face slants upward, wreathed in smiles, which change from benign to happy to joyful to laughing uproariously. Her shoes fit. For all I know, she probably sprinkles fairy dust on those who catch her eye.  

I wouldn't know, however, because she is perched over the head of some lucky duck who also had WLS on July 11, went home 2 days later, recovered uneventfully, is exercising regularly, eating small, but fairly normal-ish meals, has lost an enormous amount of weight and can't figure out what all the fuss about problems is. You just follow the rules, and everything is fine. She cannot see her Dragon.  

Now, for those who might be worried I am either losing it(or have lost it already), or think I am about to have this be the problem that stops Warrior Woman from staggering onward, not to worry.Active imagination is one way I do my inner work, and it only spills over here occasionally. When it does, I let it flow.  

Thank you all for your support and prayers and encouragement and love and affection. Because I have spent the last two and a half years as an invalid of sorts, you are more important than you can imagine to me.  

Blessings to You All, Margo


ksquester said...

Well hell, call that lucky dragon home to you where she belongs.  I admire your determination Margo. Anne

christapaz said...

This is so weird, but somehow I knew something was wrong. I have been worried all week. Sorry about the trip. You do know that the other lucky lady is learning very different lessons. Just a different journey. The Dragon of Misfortune visits us all, but as you said, so does the Dragon of Good Fortune. It's time, and that's who you need to be on the lookout for! love, christa

indigosunmoon said...

You may be a little behind in your goals, but they are still
very much real.  You will recover, and be able to exercise,
and lose a tremendous amount of weight!  I can only
imagine how discouraged you are.
Thinking of you,

ryanagi said...

I hope the dragon of misfortune relocates soon! It's about time you had some lucky breaks!

csandhollow said...

I think the good dragon is with you also. Why? Because you recover and keep moving forward.

luvmort said...

I added you to my Other Journals and my alerts.

njlittlebear said...

Keep the faith Margo.....The dragon of good fortune is just around the corner.  

Sending you good thoughts always.  XOXOX


jouell3935 said...

OH I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!