Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Still Alive, Mushing Onward

My computer died, not me I am alive and recovering well from kyphoplasty. I had the surgery on a Thursday, came home on Friday, fell in the bathroom on Saturday, sprained my ankle and knee, and have been laying low ever since.

My computer got sick last week, and  I could only get on briefly before it shut me down, Meg's boyfriend came over Sunday and did a temporary fix, and  I hope he'll come back eventually and really fix it.

I am still having mini sort-of-fainting-spells when I stand up too fast, because my BP falls 20 points when I stand up. I am now walking with a cane and a phone in my pocket, per order of my daughter. She'd rather not spend her Sat nights in the ER.

I've been depressed as hell, with crying jags-my own wonderful after affect of anesthesia. Luckily, since I'm living alone, I have only foisted this reaction on a few people. I hope to be better as time passes. My other personal reaction is that I cannot take in what I read. This one would panic me, but I've had enough surgery to know reading will return eventually.

I miss each and everyone of you, and will start reading  your journals as soon as I can.

Blessings, Margo


ksquester said...

Take good care of yourself.......we are all pulling for you and sending you positive energy.   Lovingly, Anne

donah42 said...

{{{{{Margo}}}}}! Hang on, Warrior Woman!!

luvmort said...

Oh dahling! Here's hoping you get better real soon! Miss you!

lavernwest said...

You were missed, but you remain in my prayers.  Hope much improvement comes your way real soon.  Much love, LaVern  

indigosunmoon said...

I'm so sorry you fell and hurt yourself!
Bless your heart!
I'm glad you posted though!  I hope your
computer woes are gone for good!
Love ya!

lrttklly said...

(((((Gentle Hugs for Margo)))))
I am glad you realize that the anesthesa does crazy stuff to folks.
It takes time... and in time this will get better.

dbaumgartner said...


Sweetie you just take it one step at a time.  We are all here for you.  The cane and phone is a great idea.

I do hope you get your 'puter permanently fixed.  I hate it when my 'puter acts up.


csandhollow said...

{{{{{{{{{Margo}}}}}}}}}}}} Ihope that everything is well now!

lisa41076 said...

Margo, I miss you and I hope you are feeling better.I miss seeing you online and chatting to you, Hugs Lisa

cyndygee said...

I'm so sorry that you're feeling depressed.  I know that this too shall pass and you'll soon be moving well, with a normal down OR up BP.  What a thoughtful daughter.  Better days are ahead . . .  just relax and let your body heal.  

Sending you prayers and positive thoughts . . .  oh, and . ..


blondepennierae said...

Oh Margo I am so glad to hear from you.  I have been so worried about you.  I too go on crying jags and depression trips after anesthesia.  Another thing I hate about being put under.  I always have trouble with my short term memory for about a month afterward too.  Jumpin Jees isn't it the most wonderful stuff!?.  I am so pleased to know that your surgery went well.  Take care of yourself.  we miss you!  Pennie  

fjrav said...

I saw your comment in my journal and I'm glad you're back and hope you are feeling better!