Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bring out the Blankets of Love

This afternoon I FINALLY heard from Yale-New Have Hospital, about the time to arrive for my abdominoplasty. Robin and I are to arrive at 6:30 AM, which means the surgery is probably scheduled for 7:30 or 8:00 AM. I am going to ask if you will wrap me in a blanket of sky-blue love from, say, 7:17 to 7:45 AM EST.
I am as ready for this surgery as I'll ever be-soon I am going over to Meg's so she can(reluctantly) take some before pictures. She's not thrilled because of -euww-seeing her mother half naked, but I told her if she could take dead bodies out of cars as a firefighter, surely she could click a half a doze pics of me in bra and panties!
And I get to see Myla again, too, O Happy Day!
I still have a lot of organizing to do. I always pack a book, though I know it will be weeks before I read and retain info again. I've got three pairs of night garments because I don't know exactly how the drains will work. I have a list of people to call and e-mail
I am very grateful to Robin, who is a massage therapist in the Cancer Center in our local hospital. I know she will be the best advocate I could have, so I don't have to hold it together on my own.
And give thanks for all of you who have promised to pray, meditate, etc., holding me in my sky-blue blanket of love so I can let go and go with the flow of the surgery and the beginning of healing afterwards.
Blessings to all of you, Margo


lisa41076 said...

Hey hon, wishing you all the best with your upcoming surgery, will be holding you in the blanket of love with many hugs and healing thoughts, Love Always Lisa XO

purplehazebarn said...

Praying that the surgery goes well for you.  LaVern

makemarc said...

Can't promise not to be asleep at 4:30 am, but if I make a dream request before I go to bed, the muse usually grants it. So I'm gonna dream about you emerging safe and sound.
You can always do the most basic prayer in these situations.  The only thing worse than having surgery is not having it! Remember that, and you can keep you gratitude going, staying in the "I WANT to be here, doing this."

dklars said...

My four here will be praying!  ~~Kath~~

ksquester said...

HOT damn sister!  This is a big step and we have you a sky-blue blanket of love.  PLEASE update us as soon as possible.   MUCH love and prayers, Anne

frankandmary said...

You've got my meditation tomorrow morning. I will try to do it right before your scheduled time. ~Mary

dbaumgartner said...

You got it, my friend.  Checked in with you just in time.

Blessings and love,


ukgal36 said...

hope you felt my blanket...;-)

gazker said...

Margo, I hope EVERYTHING goes fine with the op and you achieve your goal.
Much love and good vibes. Gaz xxx